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Křápek Vladimír (1958-2005)
The man who was in the background of a plenty of cultural actions in Prague 13, but with his modesty, he was never in the front and he was pleased by his well-done work. He helped our choir many times, for example he provided us room at Community centre of Holy Prokop and at cultural house Hájek, and we also passed two great concert tours to Uherské Hradiště and surroundings with him. Thanks to him!

Kubišta Petr (1955)
He is our most favourite city manager and big supporter who we met on International Choir Festival of Music Romanticism in Vlachovo Březí. He is a willing soul who leads us where we shall go after visiting liquor factory (adults!) and must factory (children) in the evening. We like meeting him regularly.

Lukáš Zdeněk (1928-2007)
Without doubts, Zdeněk Lukáš's song are most sang czech choir songs for several last decades. His production haven't missed us, indeed he forms a significant part of our repertory and we really like singing it. However, except we are always meeting Lukáš's great ideas, he was close to our choir owing to our conductor, who liked him and honored him not only as a composer, but also as a man. For us he haven't never gone, he is still with us thanks to his music.

Moravcová Tereza (1981)
She is an outstanding singer tending to work with children :) Maybe it is why she likes us and sometimes she goes to weekend workshops with us to give us some of her singing experiences. We are always glad to meet her and we appreciate what she gives to us.

Papež Vladimír (1964)
Few years ago he was not "only" a soul mate, but he was also a member of our choir. He really enjoyed our choir. As the time went, he had less free time and we had more activities, so he left Besharmonie to meet it sometimes, for example when he comes to visit us or when he helps us with recording CDs as a sound expert. He got over two weekends with us and thanks to that you can see in the &qout;CD" section what we have recorded on these flat wheels. Thank you, Vláďa!rw

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