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Libor Sládek

He is the man with unflagging vitality and enthusiasm for everything, pedagogue, who has been giving music to students of the Grammar School Nad Kavalírkou in Prague. Although he started his career as a construction engineer in a project office, soon he left what he studied and started to do what he likes most - to work with children. He has became a teacher.

He successfully passes around his love to music and he is gaining many new enthusiasts for his choir, especially between young people. In past, he led student choirs Cantamus Praha and Siloe Cantus Praha, now he is the head of the choir Besharmoie, he is the secondary conductor of a whole-republic choir Bohemiachor. He also leads a choir called Prozatímní (can be translated as "Temporary"), which was founded only for performing a rock oratorio Eversmiling Liberty; he cooperates with the Aliquot choir and he participates in various choric festivals as a studio leader.

He collects many awards for his work, both for his own performance and for singing of his choirs. He is responsible for recording some CDs, for example Besharmonie, Bohemiachor and Eversmiling liberty. He also won a czech competition "Zlatý Amos" in the year 2000 in which students and some celebrities choose the most popular teacher in a whole republic.

Music is his life's passion, so he studied music education and choir mastery college of pedagogy at Charless University in Prague to supply his experience with theoretical knowledge. He graduated in 2007 with Master of Arts academical degree. In 2005, he graduated choir mastery of cathedral music at the same college.

However, official piece of stamped paper can never really express his work. For him, a real praise is applause after successful concert and, above all, smiles of choir members, by which we express thanks to him for his big musical heart.

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